Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guess Where I've Been??

Had the best night out last night. Went to the Human Nature concert!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! (insert girly squeal) . The guys were awesome. Any notion I had of them being daggy have been washed away. All singing, all dancing, comedic act. I went cos I loved the Motown songs.
It rained a little bit but otherwise the night was gorgeous, under the stars at kings park. I think a lot of atmosphere would've been lost indoors.Went up with my mum and took Ebony and my nephew Liam with us. The kids had a fantastic time. First 'real' concert for both of them. At the end we let them storm the stage!! The poor security guy would've been packing himself, one man was all that stood between Human Nature and a pack of screaming women (of all ages). So glad I'm not a drinker anymore, some real embarrassing behaviour going on.

REACH OUT was my fave. They rock that song. You gotta love the dance moves, Ebony loves STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE, I think because they taught us the dance moves. NO there is not a video of us doing that!! LOL.
Here's some more pics of the concert........
Liam, Ebony and me. I did some hard cropping here, I looked so fat. The boys looking very spiffy!
Ebony - proof she was there!!
By this stage we'd been there for 5 hours and had wilted in the heat, messed ourselves with mad dancing and clapping in time to the music. Got ourselves an autographed CD so I can see that making an appearance at show and tell this week. I haven't stopped singing all day. it's likely I'll be humming to myself for weeks, even breaking out into song and dance while doing the housework!!
Let's just say I'd highly recommend seeing these guys LIVE. AWESOME

And a final word tonight.......


Til next time.

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