Friday, March 14, 2008

A Bleak Week

A quick update on my tenant troubles.... We went to the courthouse where our tenant approached us with a Tenants advocacy rep. He suggested we meet and talk. Lucky for us, he provided us with a lot of info and really helped us out. I think that pee'd her off. So we settled out of court ,she forfeited her bond so we could pay her bills and due rents. She moved out a week before the court date. So it's all done - it's over.
I did snap a little though- a lot. I yelled at her and said she was lazy and selfish. We've lost money, opportunities and she's ruined my home. She tried to play my game 'it's not my fault. I work so many hours' etc etc. I owned a business, working 6 days a week, I was pregnant and had two under 5!! I managed!! Shaun said later ' why'd you get so snappy for?' and I said cos 'I was overwhelmed by how much I hate her!' He said ' well you never have to see her again. ' Good point, unless of course I need something from Aspenz Homewares store.

This week I'm sooo drained. Just physically exhausted. I can't focus on anything, I'm getting flaky. Not sleeping well at all, and by the time I get settled into deep sleep the alarms ringing. I'm hoping it's stress. But there's other stuff happening and I'm not really wanting to go into further in case I scare the bejesus out of myself. But I'm also ill, constantly. In the mornings I'm on the verge of vomiting and the rest of the day my stomach just curdles. I've got major face break outs, which is rare for me. I mean put all this together with a late cycle and you know what I'm getting at. Like I said I hope it's just stress.

thanks to the reserve bank, money is another stress factor around here. I've gone back to 'paid work' on a casual basis. The work's pretty cruisy, I quite enjoy it actually, I like working alone, I know what I have to do, and they leave me alone to do it. 4-7 pm. Perfect. Or so you'd think.
It's just another excuse for me and DH to argue. He finishes at 3.50 and refuses to pick the kids up from my mums. He also expects me to have tea cooked and served ready for him to heat and eat. I don't mind preparing tea, peeling spuds, cutting veg, defrosting meat, but he's more than capable of cooking it. For someone so keen to see me out in the workforce, he's not playing fair.
I gave him the chance to say 'no those hours are crap, the pay doesn't do it for me, don't take the job'. but he waited until I had applied and accepted a position before saying something.

Hmmm, I'm whinging again aren't I??? Sorry, but I had to tell someone. If any thing else pops up I'm gonna have a melt down I'm sure!! And all of this is leaving me less than enthusiastic about the things I usually love. I've lost my scrapping groove. Instead of reading email - I'm glossing over it. Can't get into my mags or books. The gardens fading. And kapoooie to housework. (not that I love housework, but I'm usually on top of it!)

Anyhow that's enough from me, I might go have a nanna nap before school's out and I have to get ready for work.
Thanks for listening


nbeltane said...

hugs vikki, at least things are sorted with the tennant..

oh my what if you are PG what are you going to do...

chat soon

heaps of cyber hugs


vikki said...

Thanks Nicole. At the moment I am clinging to the hope I'm stressed out!! LOL. What can I do?? Sigh, I'm positive it'll turn out ok, just needed to get ito ut there and lighten my load. Haaa.
Appreciate the thoughts.