Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Blame Game

We were just talking about this today, our coping mechanisms. I blame people, everyone but myself. And I'm at it again. What did I do to deserve this???

We have tenant troubles, and before you think nasty landlord lady, we're not. We're landlords because we can't sell our house. We gave this chick a chance, referred by friends, newish to town and having troubles finding a place to live. We''l rent you our house if you keep it tidy, and pay the rent. That's all we asked, we left her alone to do her thing. And it was 6 months later after family and friends starting asking us "what's going on at your place?" that we did an inspection. Which took us a motnh to do because she kept re scheduling.

That was our first mistake, she wasn't looking after the place. The garden was a jungle, the bore was broken, sprinklers broken, lawn dug up from burn outs, walls re painted, fences broken, a window broken and slats removed from the base of the house. Ok, I accept that was our fault, we should have done more inspections.

Six months later the lease is up and we give her ample notice to move on, she rings up a day before deadline to let us know she can't find anywhere else. Turns out she doesn't read the mail all that often and only found out a week before that she needed to move on. Our fault, we should've touched base to see how she was going. In our niceness we extended her stay by a fortnight. When we did an inspection (which was spose to be the final one and key handover) it came to our attention that she hadn't even packed anything in readiness for moving!

You have to keep in mind we've organised new tenants who are expecting to move in first week of Feb. We've now lost them.

So here we are 26th Feb, and we go to court on the 11th March. She's given up trying to get in our goodbooks and the garden is again a mess. They're now collecting car bodies. She sent us a letter in response to our court order. She won't pay the rent increase, cos I didn't follow due process. She's not moving out because we haven't fixed the bore, electricity, plumbing, flyscreens, leaky taps and sprinklers. Hello, why weren't we told they're not working!!!

She's tried to intimidate us by getting her ex husband to ring up and lecture us on our responsibilities to her. Played the it's not fair, I'm working two jobs, the car broke down, and no one will give me a house card. She lives with her 3 children. Two of whom are working full time. And the rent is still always late, the electricity is behind, and she still hasn't paid a water bill from 6 months ago. I'm sure the 3 of them could scab up $40 each for the damn water!!!

I know the real reason she won't budge. Should I say??? I'd love to just out her and tell the world but one court appearence is enough thanks. She keeps asking for an April extension, because we worked out that's when her marijuana plants would be ripe for picking!! See another thing we overlooked, we just let her go, looked the other way. She's not hurting anyone we thought.

I'm so mad, and really all this is just a quick over view, there is so much more to tell. I don't want to go to court and drag in neighbours, and real estate agents and friends to testify. I want her to go away and leave my home, I really couldn't care less at the state of my precious garden. Last year the bottom fell out of our real estate market, we had a whole 3 enquiries over our house, you know how many made it through the door?? 1. One lonely viewer. Thankyou you sellfish cow. We had the for Sale sign replaced 3 times and they ripped it up and trashed it 3 times.

So I accept blame. We should have used an agent, but we couldn't afford to be giving away 10% of the rent. We should've watched her closer, we should've been meaner, and I should have dobbed her in for the hooch plants. There goes my dream for being a property tycoon. I honestly don't have the stomach for it. My anxiety levels have skyrocketed, and now We have to worry about her getting vengeful and trashing my place.

If we had sold it, it'd be like too bad, that's there choice to trash it. It would have been upsetting but out of my control. We still own this place, this place I had my babies in, where all my best memories are. The place I still call home. I feel violated and abused.

I really truly hate her!! And I accept responsibility for those feelings. I also accept that i contribute d too our situation. And tomorrow I ring the police and let them know about the monet trees in the backyard. And I start gathering evidence to support my claim for breach of contract and monetory restitution (is that hte right word??) .

Wish me luck......


nbeltane said...

i dont blame you i would be devistated. what a total cow she must be..

i wouldnt for anything want to be a landlord/lady

wishing you all the best..


Jenelle said...

Sorry to hear about all this that you are going thro!

We are also renting, but we've got the lovely landlords who treat and respect us for what we do! So, I am so sorry you have to go thro all this crap when you don't need it after running around after 3 kids.

Hang in there.. keep us updated.

What a COW they must be. I'm sure they won't be able to find another place, bec you certainly won't be giving them all postive reference I am sure.