Monday, December 17, 2007

A Special Day

Now today - or yesterday really is a very special day!! (it depends whereabouts in the world you are. For Deanne I'm hoping it's today.)

For today is my bestest of bestest buddies birthday!! YAY!! And I'm hoping she takes time out to check her mail and blogs before embarking on her latest adventure.


And I'm the one getting the presents. I received my gorgeous gift on Friday thankyou my lady!!
Although... remember back in June when you sent me that huge box packed with prezzies for the kids, and me, that said Xmas and birthday all together cos I don't know where I'll be at Xmas???? Hmmm??? LOL, well too bad, I really like my gift so I'm not giving it back. Haa Haaaa. I'm trying to scam my mum's china cabinet so I can display all my wares like a Penhalgions counter. That must be the most divine shop, I don't think any aussie stores have there own paper and ribbon.

Gosh chicky, I wish we were closer so we could do something spectacular like down a bottle of GLenfiddich. Though seeing as I have 3 kiddies, you would drink most of it - and I bet practising with all those Scots would mean you could drink me under the table quite easily.!! LOL. Doesn't take much to get me tipsy anymore, and I'm not game to try a hangover. Sigh, I'm so old.
Even a cynical conversation over a cuppa and totally calorie laden cupcake about the "w******" in our life would be great.

Ok so - I'm still in the process of making your prezzies (I've got this great idea, I'm so excited about it!!LOL) but seeing as you have no return address , you hobo you, that's not a problem. But I will need your parents addy for when I am finished in a week or two.

I hope you have a fantastic day , and surround yourself with as friend or two, enjoy Bavaria or wherever you are right now. (insert green eyed monster), and stay safe. Remeber no falling asleep in trains and don't whatever you do watch Hostel!! No, do watch hostel and use it as a guide for what not to do.

Happy 32nd birthday you old duck, loves ya!! Vikki

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