Saturday, January 12, 2008

Catch Up

I'm cruising along in holiday mode at the moment. The kids are home and my whole routine has gone out the window. I'm feeling very uninspired and very very lazy.

Christmas and New year were a total non-event for us. I think the chrissy tree went up the day before Xmas Eve. We woke up opened our prezzies then veged. Very unexciting. No pavlova, no roast, no sparklers, and no one got pissed!! LOL.
New Years, me and Ebby sat up scrapbooking together , while Shaun snored on the lounge floor. Then at 12 we went outside lit some sparklers, said cheers with a cup of ginger beer, took a photo and came inside and watched the fireworks on telly. Woo hoo!! I'm sure it was very exciting for eb's. I've had better, I'm sure if only I could remember??!!!?? Haa Haa.
So here's the snapshot of the kids and Santa after I scrapped it. Cooper didn't want to be there and it took a good 10 mins before Jack was getting on that knee. Is the photo with Santa something parents delight in?? That traditional torture of your offspring. Not one family in line didn't have trouble, screaming kids everywhere. Poor Santa.
And finally Ebony and her sparkler...

No resolutions for me this year I couldn't even uphold the pathetically simple one I made last year. Unless, you count auditioning for extreme makeover. But that my friends is another post!!



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