Monday, December 17, 2007

Riley's Xmas

I'm feeling a little emotional and completely drained ATM. Tonight I went to a SIDS and Kids Memorial Service. My feelings are soo conflicted - it was just the most beautiful heartwarming service, but here I am sharing my most personal grief with 49 strangers. I've got a huge headache from trying not to cry. I shed a few tears but if I had let go, I wouldn't have stopped. I haven't felt this much since Riley's funeral.

The Candle Lighting ceremony was just so beautiful. Before the service began everyone wrote a short note to their loved one and tied it to a Xmas Bauble. At the Candle Ceremony, a guy named John, read out each message, and then the parents/aunty/sister, would hang their bauble from the tree and light a candle. So many personal thoughts and feelings, John did a great job of holding it together. I was gone at the first message.
My Message read:
"Dearest Riley, I miss you baby and think of you every day. Always on my mind 4eva in my heart. Fly high Angel. (heart) mum. "

Some sad poems were read and meaningful songs sung, some beautiful words spoken. And then after, tea and coffee. And the really nice thing was people went out of their way to speak to us- they recognised we were new, and made us feel welcome. It was nice. Especially for a wallflower like me.

I'm glad I went. Merry Xmas Angel.

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Jenelle said...

Oh Vicki, I didn't know. But I am glad that you went to something like this. Its hard at first, but I am sure you'll appreciate the extra help and support you'll get from them.