Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Xmas

Sat down with the kids last night and made Chrissy cards. They had a ball. You know I really should be doing this sort of thing more often but I'm so anal!! It's the mess that gets me - craft is messy and kids make BIG messes. Too much glue! Watch with the glitter! Don't touch that!!

I'm surprised they're still smiling. But they're pretty proud of their cards. I on the other hand had visions of stamped images matted on red and silver on white cards. Deftly glittered highlights and subtle chalk shading. But I gave up when Jack insisted on Orange 'Yea, my Favwite!" and Ebony needed a cacophony of fluoro pink, blue and purple.

I'm the sort of mum that lets the kids decorate the christmas tree and then waits til they're sleeping so I can rearrange it all. So defeats the purpose but I can't help it - the decorations need to be balanced. Thanks to my wonderful best buddy Deanne, my decorations are looking a lot flasher these days. Since she's been living it up overseas she sends the kids a new deco each year and they are just exquisite.

Having a flash, co-ordinated tree is something I aspire to but there's always something more important to do/buy/pay. But I have taken a leap out of D's book and for the past two years have bought the kids a commemorative ornament. Just something special they can take with them when they leave home. Riley gets one too, just so he knows we're thinking of him. This year large red baubles with their names and date in glitter. So gorgeous and sparkly and oh so very Xmas!!

So if I don't update before then - MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. Stay safe and wishing you all the very best.

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