Saturday, September 29, 2007

Say Hello.....

To MACK! The newest member of our family. He arrived Wednesday.

Mack is a bitzer- bull mastiff/bull arab x ridgeback. Mack's sole purpose apart from looking cute is security. I'm not expecting him to kill anyone but a nice deep bark and a menacing presence will suffice.

Ever since we were broken into - while we were home mind you! - I don't feel entirely comfortable here. And with Shaun working away regularly his presence will be welcome. It's too soon for a new dog and I'm really enjoying our poop free yard, but we do need a guard dog. The kids adore him of course, except for Cooper. He screams as soon as he sees him. It's so funny, he'll walk into a room with a toy or something laughing gaily then see the dog. He'll drop the toy, throw his chubby little hands above his head turn and waddle out, screaming, 'Eeeeeeeeee!'.

That boy has been trying me today. Sigh!. He wanted to be picked up all day, but not while I was sitting. He just followed me around crying. And grabbing my legs as I walked past. I'm so glad he's finally sleeping and in bed. Days like today , I could pack up and leave everyone. I know, mean mummy.

I scrapped today, a layout that's been a week in the making. Can't share it's a competition entry. It's not that great, but hey you gotta be in it to win it! So I'll share one of Cooper I did a while ago. This is also a sketch challenge layout.

Thanks for looking. And before I go, got some new stuff at the shop on Friday. Some cool little chippy shapes that are a really great price. See you soon

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