Sunday, September 16, 2007

My New Addiction

I've been bitten by the bug. The ATC bug that is. I adore these exquisite, little, pieces of art. I've browsed blogs, googled and browsed until I could no more. I'm holding off joining a dedicated ATC swap group because I barely have time to scrap, but it won't be long and I'll be out there. My mind is swimming with ideas. I hosted a swap on my own little Yahoo group just to taste the fun - and this is what I came up with.....

Ok I'm no ATC queen but I really like what I've done. So quick to do too, once you've got the idea. I may make a few more one offs this week just for myself!

I scrapped 3 layouts this weekend so I think I've earned some 'other craft' time. Hee Hee. I'm really happy with those 3 layouts too. I'm on a creative roll atm. I've really been inspired by blogs and sketches, I don't really expect to win the comps I'm entering but by doing so I'm forcing myself to complete a layout before the due date. So I've been averaging a layout a week. I'm really loving the whole process again. I may share some later, I'm not to sure about comp entries and sharing!! (shrug)

I also cleaned up my ribbons (gasp! shock! horror!) I'd been storing them in large plastic fruit jars. You know the SPC two fruits ones. But every time I needed a ribbon I had to empty out the whole jar. They use to be colour sorted into boy/girl, but I got lazy, so lately I'd been emptying 2 containers. Wasting time!! So I spent one night winding them all onto bobbins to store in a tackle box. And Dah, Daaaaa, here's my result....

Actually, stole the idea of my mum, but it so works. I've still got a jar full of fibres and scraps, but I'll probably never use them, so they can stay there. Some where a little too thick so were cut into managable lengths or rolled and stored on end in the corner compartment. *****Thanks MUM****. One day I may actually get around to doing the chippie storage I keep waffling about.

Anyhow, back up to Perth tomorrow for DH to get his plaster changed and some new drugs. He's developed a 'resistance'to the ones he's got. I told him ask for different not stronger. Last thing I need is a pain killer addict on my hands.

I'll catch you later.

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