Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Back....

and all is well. I had the maddest week last week! It was my lucky week- the shop had a $600 order from a craft group that I teach sometimes. So needed that. PLUS!!

I won 3 comps! All in one week! How cool is that.

I won 2 CD's from two comps in our State paper. Foo fighters and James Blunt. Gave the Foos to my brother- I didn't like it much- shame I loved the old stuff. Haven't listened to James properly yet, but my sister has put her hand up if I don't like it. :-)

The other comp was the Freestyle Scrappers Blog Sketch Challege. Love this blog so I was really happy to win . A set of 5 gorgeous little flower pots. Here's the layout

This is Cooper learning to walk. He looks so cute!! I shoulda called it Happy Feet. LOL. He looks like a little penguin.

We started building a deck at the end of the pool this weekend. Nearly done- or the hard bits done, just the decking to go. I hated the grass up that end, the kids would dive from there and get grass and sand everywhere. So this is going to fix that! Can't wait to show you the finished thing. I'm going to get a big double reclining lounger for christmas and eventually a thatch hut over the top. So I can lay back relax and watch the kiddies.

Bit tired actually, not that I did the hard stuff, but it was hot today. I was standing in the sun for most of it, a bit burnt and dehydrated. I know, I'm naughty.

So until next time, take care and thanks for visiting!!!

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