Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Little Out of The Ordinary Week

Now the weeks calmed down, I can tell you a little of what we've been up to. First some background.... My partner Shaun injured his wrist at work ages ago and finally the company has coughed up and said go have the op you need, so he rings to make an appointment and they tell us 'we operate tomorrow or you'll have to wait until end of October' (He's got a dying bone or something and they need to reattach a blood supply) So being in agony he opts for tomorrow. My absolute life saving angel of a mum came around at 5am to watch the boys while Shaun, Ebony and I drove to Perth. Which is 2 hours away from us.

We hung around until it was time for him to go into theatre and then Miss E and I went to the Egyptian display at the Art Galleries. Oh, I was in heaven. I am fascinated by Archaeology, Egypt particularly. To think I was cm's away from this stone that is 2000 years old, and looks like it was made yesterday. Ebony being 7 whipped through and said I'm finished, so I picked her up started from the start and picked out all the interesting bits. The little organ jars with dried blood on the rims, a burial shroud with body stains, explaining that the jewellery was made from the flax growing in our garden. The Granite sarcophageus with the goddess carved into the lid was our favourite, and the little mummified cat! There was no phototaking which was expected but still disappointing. Ebony was a little worried about France keeping all the stuff and not returning it to Egypt, I bet that was my fault though. LOL, I'll have to rememebr that she takes things a little too literal. Hee Hee.

My Little Archaeologists hard at work, digging for treasure

I had the best time though. As for Shaun we popped back in to see how he was, a little groggy still. Ebs and I kept laughing at him when he'd ask the same question over and over. So we left him to come home- no sooner there than I get a phone call saying he's coming home the next day! So up we go again 2 hours there, turn around 2 hours back. Blah!! I bet he regrets it now, the painkillers really aren't working and it's another week before he sees the dr again.

Psst, anyone wanna swap places for a while. LOL

Take care Vikki

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