Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holiday Stuff

oh, and I was doing so well. Hi I'm Vikki and it's been one month since I last blogged. ROFL!! I keep promising myself and you to blog regularly, and I fail miserably each time. So how about I just promise to blog occasionally and if you get sick of waiting, give me a hoy! ;-)

As always, there's a heap to catch up on, so there'll be a few posts today. First of all school's back! YAY!! We had a boring holidays, saving our energy and cash for Bali. I am however regretting that decision, I'm still trying to clean up the mess left behind from so many 'at home activities'. Sigh!

I managed a little me time, and made this for my girl.She came to me at the beginning of hols with a pad of scrap paper stapled together and a pic of a frangipani drawn on the front. It was her Bali Diary so she could show her classmates what she did each day. I took pity on her cos 1. no way her dad would let her drag a pile of scrap paper around with her, and 2. it would fall apart in two days. Besides this is an exciting time for her, our first trip overseas, to an exotic holiday mecca. She needed something a little special. Only thing I bought was the journal for 2.99 at a reject store. (I'm getting good at this scrap your stash thing) Heavily mod podged for durability. I've made some pockets out of old A4 protector sheets so she can add pamphlets and tickets etc to it. Which she will, she is the ultimate memento collector. If it's free she'll grab one. LOL. I'm quite stoked with it actually, I think I might just make myself one!!

My son, 5 must've wanted something really badly cos I got spoilt with two flowers in two days -
I'm not sure where the yellow rose came from, I don't wanna know ;-) . The poppie is my prized milkmaid from the front garden. I have one lonely plant with at most 3 flowers. But I sucked it up and accepted my prize graciously. Oh he is so funny, he loves giving presents and he does a funny little excited dance. Soo sweet. Never actually found out what he was after.

And check out this guy - not yet walking but he's always doing this!Climbing stuff! All my kids do it. And when you say 'climbing the walls' you take it literally in our house. They get the monkey gene from their dad. I have a heights phobia. And Shaun wonders why I'm high strung, it's cos I've always gotta be ready for this sorta stuff. The little guy has taken to food in a big way, see previous posts, and has decided Heinz bottled food just doesn't cut it and went straight to finger food. Loves Banana and roast potato ( not together but I'm sure if it was he wouldn't be too bothered) And he's discovered chocolate.....One of the downers about being a mum is you have to share the licking of the bowl! Now I've gotta fight 4 kids for it! Not fair!

And cos I'm all for sharing the love, an update on son 2. No more bottles, and you think he's happy, I don't know you tell me.......
PS, and before I forget, a quick update on my caterpillars. (for Rochelle). They still haven't emerged, so I tried to look up how long it should take and found out, they'll become moths not butterflies. Butterflies don't spin silk, moths do. Butterflies just go hard on the outside. Go figure.


Rochelle said...

Love the journal Vik its beautiful, I'm sure she must loooove it! thanks very much for the nature lesson too, I want pics when they emerge!

Pippa said...

Great read Vik. Love the Bali journal. Tropical, yet practical LOL. Would love to see some pics of what she does with it :)