Sunday, September 13, 2009

What to do???

Aaargghh! What to do?? My facebook is down, I can't get on. My life is over!! ;-P
I guess I could blog... hmmm, and I have scrapped this weekend, so I have something to share....
Alright that's what I'll do.

Hi there!!! Seriously, I do feel lost, I can't play my fave games, or reply to comments, and I'm devastated. I guess it takes something like this to find out your addicted (that and finding your 3 yo son sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by vegies trying to find something palatable to eat!)

And yes I have really scrapped this weekend, well I've been working on it bit by bit over the week, finished last night. It's a bit bright for me but I'm loving it. Used more stash stuff, not a new piece in sight. Woohoo!! We'll see how long it lasts hey? This is for Aussie Scrapjack, Kim Arnold's layout. King of Hearts

and a bit of a closer look-see at my scrap pal Jodies' Sweet Vintage embellies. Finished off my page just nicely thanx Jodes.

Looking at that gorgeous face while snapping this layout, I had a revelation. This boy turns one in less than 6 weeks. And I'm still giving him formula as his main sustenance!! My other kids were sitting at the table eating what we were eating by now. He's still eating pureed fruit 'n' Farex and Heinz meals, everything is mushed up for him. OOOO,Waaaa! The poor guys probably starving!! He only gets one meal a day, and maybe a bikkie if we've got any. Now he's going to get a crash course in solid, solids. It's all rush rush now, I want him to be eating semi normal food when we're in Bali. (in 6 weeks). That is, cereal at brekkie, fruit and bread at lunch.

I don't know if it's cos I'm lazy, I've had too much to do, or am I subconsciously holding on to his babyishness. He is my last one, and he's so gosh darn cute, I don't want him to become a smelly monster. ROFL!! Well I've well and truly snapped out of my little fantasy now, he had a roast spud and some carrot for tea, using the old chew it up and spit it out method, tomorrow we add weet bix to the Farex! Wish me luck!

Cheers Vikki


jodie said...

love the LO vikki love all the colours! you poor facebook...precisely why i'm not even goin' there LOL xxJ

Rochelle said...

LOL having such a giggle at your comments on Trents food intake. I love the layout just too cute!

Pippa said...

Fabulous LO Vik. And a great read as always.