Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick update!!

Oh who am I kidding? I've got a month of catching up to do! Grab a cuppa, I'll try to keep it short.
Let's start with Father's Day.
Not too long ago the father of my children got the new and improved exhaust pipes, a jacket, gloves, etc... Not that I mind; he earns the money it's only fair he rewards himself. My beef is he's got all the bits, his shed is full of tools, and toys and gadgets. What to get the man who has everything? I took the joker route and it was not well received. The kids gave dear old Dad socks and jocks and a shoot em up Wii game! It's his own fault, he should have left something for me to buy! Well that's the excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I didn't get round to seeing my Dad, though I do have a big, fat chunk of homemade Rocky Road for him. Can you believe I burnt the first lot of chocolate?? It's no secret that I can't cook, but honestly somedays even I shake my head at how hopeless I am!

About a month ago I came down with a dose of flu - really bad, once I got better though I found out the flu had swiped my mojo. So this next layout is 6 weeks in the making! You think that's bad - it's a CASE of a layout I saw on the Basic Grey Gallery. My mojo was that wiped out, I couldn't even CASE something. Spent hours just staring at bits and pieces , putting it down, picking it up, sliding it across. It just wasn't happening until last Friday! And all in a flash it came together, and I love it. I don't care that it's not my design, it's in my album! ;-)
(can you believe once again I forgot to write down the author of this beautiful work of art! Sorry, whoever you are)
Without further ado here it is...

and the detail...My 9 year being a typical 9 yo! Sulking over something silly. Just a part of our everyday now. Oh the joys - LOL!! But I do love that photo, if I didn't take it I'd say she was day dreaming, waiting out the time til it was her go. But hey, scrapbooking is about real life, right?? We do enough embellishing on our pages.

Also whipped this one up (only took a couple of hours) on the weekend. Mojo came home with a point to prove! For the Artastic Challenge Blog, be inspired by the artist Kandinsky and his painting 'On White II'.

And exciting news this just arrived in store , eagerly anticipated and doesn't disappoint!
I've been neglecting the store a little lately. The kids school has swung into social mode, what with excursions and bookweek and dress up discos, birthday parties. On and on. Forever driving here there and everywhere, dishing out your last $20 to buy some kid you've never met a prezzie., and being expected to whip up the best costume ever! Then being sick, man I was so ill, I just collapsed in a heap and everytime I thought I was better it would hit again. Lost my voice a couple of times. Still have this nagging cough, and some days I crash around 4 from exhaustion. Not that I'm running marathons, I'm just not 100% still (what is it 6 weeks?) Blah!

So that reminds me Bookweek photos!T-rex and Little Red! I made the cape myself, no pattern. So proud. LOL, don't look too close though the stitching is shocking. Luckily polar fleece is very forgiving. Jack wanted me to make a dinosaur mask - thank you Google. This one was printed off from the Scottish Museum of Natural History website.

And that should just about do me for today, I wanna go scrap. Trent though is refusing to have his bottle and therefore fall asleep. He's getting more teeth. Sigh, fun times ahead. 9 oclock, he's usually been out for 2 hours by now. Hmmmm, not happy. Ok, I'll deal with this and we'll catch up again - soon! I promise!!


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jodie said...

good to see you mojos back Vik...especially love the basic grey LO with the flowers and butterflies, it's so beautiful!

P.S what does CASE stand for?????