Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gosh, I'm not too good at this, am I??? If I only checked in every couple of days I wouldn't have to write these huge blogologues. There's been birthdays, milestones, sports achievements and scrapping. I think today I'll just share my layouts - and pop back in tomorrow with the other stuff.

I am soo loving the cartoony/illustrated style of scrapping atm. And paper piecing making a comeback suits me perfectly. Not that I've scrapped a storm mind you, just been plodding along.
First one...My guys - love em. Using Basic Grey offbeat papers. Collections letter tiles, assorted fonts and the sun is a Cosmo Cricket paper. Before you ask - Cooper has red icy pole around his mouth. LOL. That's my guys - they're ALL boy.
Number two....
Cooper playing on the swing in the backyard not sure when. All I know is it's after we got Stanley but before we got Trent- Again using Offbeat, again doing the cartoony thing. Used the Fisher Price slogan as my inspiration. Need to journal on this so will have to look up the date stamping or something. Just add it to the UFO pile.
Number 3...
My spunky chick at the Human Nature concert. This was while we were waiting for them to come on. It's a layout about 9 yo cool. The Veronica's clothes, bold makeup, chunky jewellery, and of course the MP3 glued to her ear. I also love doing things a little 'darker' than you'd expect for scrapbooking.. For someone who has trouble layering, I think this has come together nicely.
Finally...A canvas/pin up board for a friends 7 yo daughter. After scouring the shops looking for a 'funky pin up board' with no luck, she asked me to do something. In her words ' you're the only crafty person I know' She was happy with and more importantly her daughter loved it.
Jun loves to cook and she's very good at it, so when asked how much she owed me I said I really really like pavlova. Cos I just can't cook. Her pavs are SO divine. She's one of those people you go to ALL her Tupperware parties even when you don't need anything cos you know the spread will be exquisite. Oh, I'm SO naughty, she's a lovely person too. LOL!!

Now before I go I had better put a plug in for the shop - retreat's in 3 weeks (aarrgghh!) nearly organised. Finally finished my class for this. Should I show you a sneak peek..... no, haven't photoed it yet. Too much fluffing around. I've seen 3 of the projects available and they're all to die for. This is going to be a good one.

In the meantime I thought I should try and clear some stock and get some exciting new stuff in for the weekend. So until May 12 there's 20% off EVERYTHING. Woohoo!! You can find my store here .

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hey Vicki...yes you are a seriously slack blogger...c'mon girl! hehehe xxJodie