Friday, June 27, 2008

2 New Layouts

And just in time it would seem. Entries for this months Scrapjack close on Monday. It would seem to be an easy layout to jack but I struggled. The pirate one is my first attempt which failed miserably and ended up nothing like the Jack. (or how I planned) - U2 is my entry. I wanted to stray away from the flowers and swirls the DT's were using. I could've made it easy on myself and added a bit of QCo Felt.

Lots of Opalling here. Couldn't be bothered with paint. (Gawd I'm soo lazy sometimes!!). Lurve Opals to death but the thing is once you Opal one piece it sticks out like dog's you know what's, so you need to do other pieces as well. And if you're not careful it can look like a psychedelic vomit all over your page. I also ran the Collections Birdie and Swirls through the cuttlebug after I opalled. Lovin this look!!

My Dad and My son - camping at Alexandra bridge Easter 2008. Those two have a special bond more so than the others, which is sweet, but boy look out when they get together. honestly there as bad as each other, teasing, tricking, playing. Whatever you do don't get caught up in the crossfire.

And this is the Pirate layout. I like it now, it was a struggle to get here though. I made the pirate map which was my background. Hated it, ripped it up, tried to use one piece. Hated it even more. So tried to stick it back together. And thought that's it! Done. LOL!!! I really wanted a piece of pirate scarf to make it look like a collection of old clues. But the paper will have to do. most of the time Scrapping is about finding a compromise. And this is my compromise which, is slowly winning me over.

Now about the picture, this is me and Jack on my birthday. He was going to the kindy's Heroes and Legends Disco as Jack Sparrow. How cute is he. He had a ball there though it was more contained chaos than a Disco. Did a bit of photoshopping on this just to make it look old and disguise how old I look. Besides it's a pirate picture, how many clean pirates have you seen??

Anyways thanks for looking and let me know what you think!!

Cheers Vikki

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