Monday, May 19, 2008

Mum's Day

A little late I know but the camera was out for the count!!

It was a pretty laid back day. NO SLEEP IN!! Grrrr. My kidlets woke me with parcels wrapped in paint splattered butcher's paper. Handmade cardboard photo frames, two beautiful posters with magnets on the back for the fridge. Eb's was a poem all glittered up and Jack's was a hand print rolled into a flower holding a heart, above a little poem. So sweet. Plus a little photo box that use to be filled with bikkies (LOL, Jack Couldn't wait, but did save me one!!) All handmade of course. I tell you those kindy teacher's are amazing the stuff they can conjure up out of nothing!!

I made my mum a 12x12 canvas, note to mum, SEND A PHOTO OF IT!!. The camera chucked a wobbly and stopped working before I took a snap. Had a pic of the kids on it above their hands imprinted in texture paste. And all scrappied up.

Made myself a little canvas too, my prezzie to myself. This one is slightly smaller than A4 and the crown hangs off the edge. I'm really, really happy with it. Bonus is it was all from stuff in my stash!! Not a penny spent.

I hope everyone had a great day and received lots of special handmade gifts!! (wink, wink) Thanks for visiting!!!

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