Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Big Catch Up

Hmmm, I've been a bit slack haven't I?? I keep meaning to pop in and update but before I know it I've shut down the computer and I've forgotten again. So this will be the big catch up!!

Not that a hell of a lot has been happening, god we're not that exciting. But ...

Last week of school holidays we snuck in a trip to Adventure World. Which for the non Waussies is a theme waterpark. It's ages old and some of the stuff has been there since the beginning and looks a little run down but there's some new stuff too. Last time I went was for the Year 10 break up party in 1990. That's telling my age isn't it??

There's a new kids section (well I think it's new - I wouldn't have bothered with it when I was 15 so it's hard to say how old it is) and we hung there nearly all day. Ebony and Shaun disappeared for a while to do the big rides. Poor Eb's is 10cm too short for her age and Shaun had her tippy toeing most of the day. 120cm is the minimum for most rides.

But the kids had a ball - even Cooper who's only 18 mths was going on the water slide. He had a huge smile all day, running everywhere. He even floated a few times (nearly drowned a few more) . The poor guy fell asleep as soon as we ut him in the pram to go home. I hardly saw Jack, he was up and down the water slide, finding friends in the pools, swimming!! (he finally swam without his vest! I think the 30cm depth of water gave him some confidence) He even went on some of the kiddie rides I thought he'd be too scared to do. It was a fantastic day. Expensive -$118 without paying for Jack and Cooper as they're under 4. So here's some snaps of the fun

And in other news... Our Jack has started KINDY!! Yay, he was such a good boy. No tears, no worries. I think it helped that his friend from daycare (2Jack) was there. His uniform is way too big for him, but do you think I could find blue shorts in size 2. The teachers seem nice, and apparently Mrs Phelps is the one you want, and we got her. They're gonna need to be tough if they're looking after Jack. He can be a little headstrong at times. So here he is - our schoolboy!!

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