Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What a day!! Up to Perth yet again for stage 2 of the op on hubby's wrist. He had to check in at 7am which meant we left at 5am- which is really 4am seeing as we're fiddling with nature and calling it daylite saving!
Gave the kids brekkie in the hospital carpark then hoofed it off to Garden City Booragoon. Which is a huge shopping centre (well huge for us country folk). Now people who know my family are already going uh oh!
And yes it happened - in the blink of an eye - I LOST JACK. Or rather Jack lost me. One minute he's behind me while I discuss teething with a chemist (whole different post just there!) the next gone.
Not on the escalators, not at the car, not at the toy shop, the Nat Geo shop, not watching ladies make rock candy and not at Kmart. Not on the escalators still, at the pet store? No. The water feature? No. In the men's toilets? No. Ladies? No.
By this stage my mind is making up horrible stories and I'm on the verge of tears. Where the hell do you start looking in place that has 4 levels??
And finally it came. That call over the loudspeaker. '
'Can Vikki please come to the info desk in the fashion mall!'
And in my awkward high heels, in achey feet I ran. Thank the gods. There he is talking shop with the security guard and info lady. Casual as you like he pipes up and says
' Mummy you lost me!'
Found outside Kmart by the cleaner (thankyou!!) who remembered seeing the 'little cutie' at the other end of the mall and thought he'd run off.
So if my hair is greyer you know why. That boy is going to be the death of me.

It's only 9.30 (8.30) and my eyes are lead weights. So much to do- but it's gonna have to wait. Please god, let Cooper sleep through tonight!

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