Monday, April 19, 2010

....And again!

I did this last Monday, right after my last layout, but it's taken me this long to photograph it and upload. I told I was no good at this blogging bizzo.
"Finders Keepers" is based on the Pagemaps sketch for this month and is my little man at his first egg hunt.
Not that he hunted - we showed him where they were, he sat down and tried to eat it. As far as he was concerned he only needed one!! LOL! We've still got a freezer full of eggs, Cooper had had enough after half a rabbit and Jack was sick on the day. So no one's really eating them (except for Dad, who would eat them all in one sitting if we let him)

More scrapping..... sort of. I altered Ebony's cast with some old rub ons. I was bored and I was looking at her thinking I don't want to see all sorts of crude drawings from her friends all over it.

Yes, one of my children finally succumbed to their acrobatics and really hurt themselves! Of course I didn't believe her and told her to put an ice pack on it. Sent her to school the next day only to be called up to bring her home. It's one thing to be told by a nurse it's broken and another to be lectured by the deputy principal that "it doesn't look right". In my defence it swelled up between home and school. But I have been told I'm not the first and I'm sure i won't be the last, to misdiagnose my child. (unless of course my gorgeous friends are just saying that.....) . So that was yesterday and now I need to go find my modge podge cos the rub ons are rubbing off.

Cheers Vikki


Pippa said...

Love the LO Vikki and I'm pretty sure that you are the only person I know thata would think to alter a c cast! LOL looks fab

Rochelle said...

Lovely layout vik, Love the embellishing of the cast too. see ya soon.