Monday, January 18, 2010

Look What the Kids Dragged In......

Meet Tinkerbell, aka Tinka , Tink or Kitty. (although I think she should be called 'Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat'. Long live Calvin and Hobbes. ) White as snow and eyes of gold.

Those who know us know we're not cat people but she adopted us. To cut a long story short she followed us home when we went for a walk one night. 3 days later and she was still camped on our doorstep. I took pity on her and gave her some chicken, can't have her dying on my watch! And from that point she became ours.

We did take her back to the place she ran out from , but it's for rent and no one is ever there when we dropped in . The neighbour didn't want to know - yea thanks for your help. So if you recognise her 'sorry', but she's being looked after and she is happy.

You have to wonder why when you see pics like this....

I often wonder if she thinks 'what the hell am I doing here??' It's not unusual to see a streak of white flash through the loungeroom, followed by a child yelling 'Kitty, come here! I just want a cuddle!'

So now as a cat owner I must act responsibly, we keep her in at night, and she wears a rather noisy bell, but next on our list is sterilisation. Thankgod the shire discounts this. No kitty's for us - god Shaun would freak. (He reckons he hates the cat and won't do anything for it, but I've spied him scratching her ears while she lounges in our bed!!) I guess she's captured all our hearts..

Til next time



Joyce said...

nawwwww she is very cute

Pippa said...

She is stunning Vikki, just beautiful:) No wonder you couldn't say no. You know what they say though "Dogs have owners, cats have staff". Be prepared to be bossed around LOL.