Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I had a bad weekend. It happens, every now and then I can't stand to be around people - which when you have 4 kids is , let's say trying. Most times Shaun takes the kids out and about and I sleep or cry or do whatever makes me feel better. But it was crappy weather and we were all holed up together. So I whinged... too noisy, too messy, not enough time, too many hugs and dirty nappies and feeds, and when do those kids ever stop eating! You get the drift.

This weekend I channelled my 'black cloud' into something creative and did two and a half layouts. I was still 'miss cranky pants' but instead of stomping and crying , I went on strike and just scrapbooked. And I'm REALLY happy with what I came up with .

This one is for the A2Z Scraplets Sketch challenge. Every day this dude does something new, and once again I'm reminded he's the last. It's sad, baby cuddles are so special, and at 8mths he's already too busy to just sit and snuggle. Sigh...
The Wow in Everyday is my take on Melissa Corbett's layout, featured this month on Aussie Scrapjack. Which, btw, has moved to the ning network. Need to update my links. This is Cooper, and he's at that stage where everything is just so amazing. From doing something himself, a picture in the window, a dog, a duck, a flower. Everything he sees, or accomplishes is the biggest deal ever. I wish that I could see the world that way again. And check out those amazing eyes. So lovin these papers- Crate Paper Lillian and Little Sprout. Sooo cute. And I can't get enough of those Collections letter tiles atm. I'm on my last sheet ; I'll have to order more in.

Still working on layout 2.5. It's there I'm still nutting out a title and final placement of elements. Usually the title is my inspiration for my whole layout, but this time I am stumped. Might move onto some atc's for a while instead. We'll see, I may be hit by inspiration in the middle of the night.

Til next time...

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Cheers Vikki

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