Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's going on????

Not much apparently. Have done a few layouts for blog challenges, I don't know why I don't do my own challenges?!?! Maybe I should try that.

Went to our ex-neighbours wedding last Saturday. A simple but beautiful outdoor affair. Denise and Clem are the nicest people who would do anything for anyone. They babysit my kids so many times and everytime I felt guilty, I'd try to pay them in some way and they were always like "no don't worry about it!!!" So here's the prezzie I made them- a canvas featuring Scarlet's letter.

The Title 'finally, I do" refers to the fact they've been together 14 years and have 4 kids. It was bought up often in the speecehes, LOL. Anyway Denise loved it and said it was their fave present. I'm glad, I felt a bit cheap actually- but what do you buy a couple who's been living together for 14 years.

I participated in another ATC swap, but forgot to take a snap of my work. So I'll have to wait until it comes home. So in the meantime here are my two layouts for the blog challenges.

This photo was taken at the wedding - When I'd realised the night before that I didn't have a photo of all 3 of my kiddies together. (I know, bad scrapper!!)

And this one is the other side to my ugly penny page. I still miss herMack has settled in to life at the maher manor. He is a little bit spoilt andenjoys the couch, let's see that in a few months! his legs have just shot up, all lanky. He's not scared of anything, he'll tackle anything new. The kids however have had enough of being hunted. I'm getting sick of telling the dog off and the kids. I keep saying 'growl at him, show him who's boss'. I guess it's easier for me seeing as he only just reaches my knees.

I've joined MYSPACE. LOL. and I haven't any friends, my sister however is pulling the guys in. Having a profile that says newly single is obviously an irresistable drawcard. Hmmph! Not an option for me- if I happened to put single down and hubby stumbled upon it I would be single, for real. LOL. I don't get my Space at all - it's like a giant nightclub where everyone's on the lookout for sex or something. But I guess some people don't get blogs. Each to their own. My life is out there- no more secrets.


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